Pet Peeve

I totally get it, when you're in a relationship everything is exciting and there are so many things that you just cannot wait to do and experience with each other. I feel this too and maybe social media does play a huge part in this and makes it even more so.  We constantly see couples online and what they're doing and it just seems so idyllic to us because we have yet to do all of those things. However, one thing that I wish people would put so much more thought into, is getting a pet. It seems to be such a common thing lately, people that haven't even known each other for six months and have only been living together for just four weeks are actually buying pets together and I just really fear for what will happen to these poor animals if it does all ends in tears. It's so difficult to have a clean break up when animals are involved, even I've had experience with this...

After four years of being with my now ex boyfriend and living with him for three, we decided it was time to get a dog. For me, I thought I was with the person I'd be with forever and we would never need to think about what we'll do if we broke up. I guess you never really do think in this negative way when you're in a happy relationship, but when you're bringing an innocent animal into the equation, these things need to be considered and discussed. As cliche as it sounds, life changes so quickly. In a blink of an eye, everything is different and relationships end.

We broke up when Buzz was just three months old and I remember my first thought being "What about Buzz?" but I was just met with responses such as "Well, keep him or get rid of him." and I think this is the thing for a lot of people, as soon as the relationship ends, the first thought is to drop all commitments, all you want is to be free.  Personally, I'm not the type of person to drop anyone or dump animals, it's just not me, so I kept Buzz.

But what a lot of people don't take the time to think about in these situations is how much this affects the animal. For the longest time, Buzz had a huge problem dealing with the change and confusion of his primary owner just leaving one day and never coming back and because of this he started to behave quite aggressively. I tried to keep this to myself unless someone saw it first hand because honestly I found it quite embarrassing. Anytime someone did see what he was like, they would make comments like "That's such strange behaviour for a Golden Retriever" and that made me feel so much worse, like I had failed him because I couldn't make that relationship work or I wasn't good enough.

Time went on and his behaviour began to slowly improve (even more so after he was castrated) and now he behaves so lovely and is the kindest, soppiest dog ever. My ex boyfriend came over a few months back to see Buzz and Buzz struggled to even remember who he was! It's weird what time can do to us all. I think the message I wanted to portray from this blog post is that the animal should always be your first thought. If you're not completely settled in your relationship or may not know what your living or job circumstances could be in the next twelve months, you really should consider putting off getting the animal for now. Always put their needs before your desires.

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