Pet Peeve

I totally get it, when you're in a relationship everything is exciting and there are so many things that you just cannot wait to do and experience with each other. I feel this too and maybe social media does play a huge part in this and makes it even more so.  We constantly see couples online and what they're doing and it just seems so idyllic to us because we have yet to do all of those things. However, one thing that I wish people would put so much more thought into, is getting a pet. It seems to be such a common thing lately, people that haven't even known each other for six months and have only been living together for just four weeks are actually buying pets together and I just really fear for what will happen to these poor animals if it does all ends in tears. It's so difficult to have a clean break up when animals are involved, even I've had experience with this...

After four years of being with my now ex boyfriend and living with him for three, we decided it was time to get a dog. For me, I thought I was with the person I'd be with forever and we would never need to think about what we'll do if we broke up. I guess you never really do think in this negative way when you're in a happy relationship, but when you're bringing an innocent animal into the equation, these things need to be considered and discussed. As cliche as it sounds, life changes so quickly. In a blink of an eye, everything is different and relationships end.

We broke up when Buzz was just three months old and I remember my first thought being "What about Buzz?" but I was just met with responses such as "Well, keep him or get rid of him." and I think this is the thing for a lot of people, as soon as the relationship ends, the first thought is to drop all commitments, all you want is to be free.  Personally, I'm not the type of person to drop anyone or dump animals, it's just not me, so I kept Buzz.

But what a lot of people don't take the time to think about in these situations is how much this affects the animal. For the longest time, Buzz had a huge problem dealing with the change and confusion of his primary owner just leaving one day and never coming back and because of this he started to behave quite aggressively. I tried to keep this to myself unless someone saw it first hand because honestly I found it quite embarrassing. Anytime someone did see what he was like, they would make comments like "That's such strange behaviour for a Golden Retriever" and that made me feel so much worse, like I had failed him because I couldn't make that relationship work or I wasn't good enough.

Time went on and his behaviour began to slowly improve (even more so after he was castrated) and now he behaves so lovely and is the kindest, soppiest dog ever. My ex boyfriend came over a few months back to see Buzz and Buzz struggled to even remember who he was! It's weird what time can do to us all. I think the message I wanted to portray from this blog post is that the animal should always be your first thought. If you're not completely settled in your relationship or may not know what your living or job circumstances could be in the next twelve months, you really should consider putting off getting the animal for now. Always put their needs before your desires.


Room Tour // 2017

Etsy Harry Potter Print

Grey and Blush Pink Bedroom

Gold Wire Grid Urban Outfitters

Copper Wire Bin, Blush Pink Throw

I feel like you can really tell a lot about someone's personality by the way their room looks. And recently, I realised how much I had out grown my little pink, floral room, to the point where I didn't even enjoy spending time in there anymore. So it was definitely time to have a little room makeover and as it's pretty much complete now, apart from a few little things that I may add in the near future, I thought I'd do a little room tour. The last one that I did in 2014 was pretty popular and also, when I'm looking for room inspo, I read so many of these posts and they're a huge help. I'll be sure to link most items, but if there is anything that I do miss and you would like to know where I purchased it from, feel free to either leave me a comment or tweet me!

IKEA - Malm Drawers // £39 (link) New Look - Rose Gold Plant Pot // £4 (link) H&M - Vanilla Candle // £12.99 (similar)  eBay - White Photo Frame // £8.45 (link) Etsy - HP Print // £10.99 (link) eBay - HP Time Turner // £4.45 (link) Wayfair - Bed Frame // £220 (link) Asda - Bed Cover // £12 (link) Dunelm - Grey Fluffy Cushions // £12 (link) Matalan - Pink Fluffy Cushions // £8 (link) eBay - Monochrome Cushion Covers // £8.99 (link) Ohh Deer - Panda Cushion // £30 (link) JD Williams - Grey Throwover // £20 (link) JD Williams - Blush Accent Throw // £30 (link) Amazon - Curtain Fairy Lights // £16 (link) Amazon - Fairy Light Hooks // £8 (link) Dunelm - Three Hanging Wicker Hearts // £3 (link) Next - Brass Letters // £6 (link) New Look - Gold Plant Pot // £7.99 (link) Dunelm - Moroccan Candle Holder // £5 (link) The Range - Ivory Mirror // £22 (similar) IKEA - Alex/Linnmon Desk // £70 (link) JD Williams - Glass Terrarium // £15 (link) The Range - Copper Lamp // £15 (link) Urban Outfitters - Wire Grid // £40 (link) Etsy - Notting Hill Print // £3.50 (link) Etsy - Disney Print // £1.50 (link) B&M - Copper Waste Paper Bin // £4.99 (link

I'm really loving my room and strangely enough, I find it so much easier to keep it more tidy now. One of my favourite parts of my room is definitely the wire grid from Urban Outfitters. I ended up getting it when I was stuck choosing between prints, this way it'll be a lot easier to change up the prints when I get bored.

Hope you enjoyed this post! 
S x

YouTubers in the Media

I remember when I first majorly started to love YouTube. The people I watched, made videos of their passions because they really enjoyed it, not because it would make them a lot of money or help them become a celebrity. Because of this, it made it feel like they were more like online friends, than someone completely above you. I also remember how happy/excited/proud I felt, when my favourite YouTubers at the time, first made it into the mainstream media outlets, because it just wasn't a thing that really happened back then, but fast forward 7 years and it's now a thing of the norm, but maybe not always as positive as it initially was.
The Guardian recently made the ridiculous claim that Zoe Sugg aka Zoella is to blame for the decline in teenage literacy. Even though, I don't find Zoe's books to be my cup of tea personally, to try and use her as a scapegoat and blame her for the decline in teenage literacy for the whole of the UK, is just absurd. In my opinion, I don't think schools actually do enough to encourage and inspire young adults to read. I know my school never did and it wasn't until I left school, that I majorly started to read lots of books because I actually enjoyed it, not because I had to. This is not the first time that mainstream media have made ridiculous, negative claims about YouTubers, and it most definitely won't be the last. However, this article provoked a huge online reaction from viewers and online creators, and also led to Dodie making a video in response to the constant ridicule, that YouTubers receive from the media. At the end of the video, she suggested that people should make video responses with their thoughts and feelings on the subject and as YouTube isn't my forte, I thought I'd write a post instead.

I really enjoyed Dodie's video and I feel like she made some excellent points. YouTube videos have changed people's lives for the better. In the video, she talks about how people that suffer from issues such as acne have learnt to love and accept themselves because of YouTubers such as Melanie Murphy and Zoella, how people are now experimenting with stop motion and lighting techniques after watching the likes of Kick The Pj and lastly, not forgetting the likes of Shane Dawson, Ingrid Nelson and Kingsley that help LGBTQ+ individuals know that they are not alone and help them to understand that there is a world out there, that will accept them for who they are.

All these examples really made me appreciate YouTube for what it does and how it helps and impacts people's lives. Then, I thought about which videos have helped me. All of those videos I watched to help me realise what an abusive relationship is, realising what consent is and knowing that I CAN say no. I also remember when I first starting struggling severely with anxiety and I watched a video Zoella had made regarding her experience and after, I just sobbed and sobbed, because for the first time, I didn't feel so alone. Thank god a platform like this exists!

However, as Dodie is a YouTuber herself, I feel like her thoughts and views are slightly somewhat biased. Yes, I totally agree that countless media outlets constantly take something completely positive and turn it into something very sad and negative, but I think we also need to remember that mainstream media have ALWAYS done this. Think of any celebrity, big or small. At some point, I bet there has been an untruthful, negative article written about them. Every week, gossip magazines are printed. How many of those articles are completely factual? Very little, I'd say. But I think, when something negative is printed about a YouTuber, everyone takes it very personally, like it's an attack on all YouTubers, but this is not the case. I think there comes a point, when the line between YouTuber and celebrity becomes incredibly blurred and with that fame, comes good attention and bad. It's just the reality of it. For a long time, the mainstream media were painted to be very dim when it came to YouTubers and their outreach, but I don't think this is the case anymore. They understand that these creators have a lot of viewers and a lot of fans, so they know using their name will improve their readership, which it always does.

Ultimately, I think it's very easy for everyone that supports YouTubers, whether you are a viewer or an online creator yourself, to get angry at negative attention like this, but this is exactly why they write things like this and why they will continue to write things like this in the future, for those clicks. 
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