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Models Own - Ibiza Mix | Essie - Blanc

As I'm off to Mexico on Monday, I thought I'd do a quick post showing you what I'm planning on wearing on my nails whilst I'm away! 

As the months start to get warmer, I become obsessed with white nails purely because I love how they look with a tan, but sometimes I think they can look a little plain so I usually like to add some glitter over the top. My favourite glitter nail polish definitely has to be Ibiza Mix from Models Own, It's SO pretty and applies beautifully! I don't always get on with Models Own polishes, but I am obsessed with this one! I first bought it when it was first released, but I thought it was time I finally repurchased it. I also was in need of a new white polish so I went for Blanc from Essie and I'm loving these two together!

What are your favourite nail combos for Summer?
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Tanya Burr Lips and Nails

Tanya Burr Lipgloss Picnic in the Park Review
Tanya Burr Lipgloss Picnic in the Park Review
Tanya Burr Lipgloss Picnic in the Park Review
Tanya Burr Lipgloss Picnic in the Park Review
Tanya Burr Lipgloss Picnic in the Park Review
Tanya Burr Lipgloss Picnic in the Park Review
Tanya Burr Lipgloss Picnic in the Park Review
Tanya Burr Lipgloss Picnic in the Park Review
Tanya Burr Lipgloss Picnic in the Park Review
Tanya Burr Lipgloss Picnic in the Park Review

When Tanya Burr first announced that she was set to release a makeup range of her own, I was pretty intrigued as I've watched her videos since 2011! When I heard it was just going to be Lip Glosses and Nail Polishes I wasn't as excited as these both don't thrill me. My initial thoughts were that this was range was aimed more at the younger audience and to be honest I was completely set on not buying anything. That was until I kept hearing so many good things about the Lip Glosses from Lucy & Lydia so whilst I was making a quick order on Superdrug I caved and finally purchased one!

There are 12 shades overall and they are a mix of cream and shimmer finishes. I chose the shade 'Picnic in the Park' which is a cream finish. The packaging isn't anything too special, but it seems pretty durable which is perfect for travelling with and the applicator is just like a normal doe foot, but it seems a lot flatter which I really like! I'm usually not a lip gloss person at all and I don't actually own many glosses, so I wasn't sure if I was going to like this, but I was pleasantly surprised! I usually always hate the formula of glosses, but these are really lovely and smooth and not sticky at all. I also couldn't believe how pigmented it was for a gloss and I love that they smell just like strawberries!

Overall, I am super impressed with this and I definitely want to pick up a few more shades! I also think I might try the Nail Polishes too I especially want to get 'Mischief Managed' purely for the name!

Have you tried anything from Tanyas range? What are your thoughts?
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Feel Unique Haul

As you may, or may not know I'm off on holiday next week and this will actually only be my second time being on a plane and my first ever long haul flight! Obviously I'm not quite sure what to expect, so I've been watching lots of Youtube videos on 'Travel Essentials' and I came across this video, which led me to purchase a few things from Feel Unique!

Weleda Skin Food | £6.95 30ml
All I keep hearing everyone talk about is how dehydrated your skin gets on long haul flights, which obviously I don't really want! Fleur recommended this and it's basically a really rich cream which is meant to act as a barrier to help prevent dehydration. I only wanted to get a small one as I'm only going to be using it on the plane because it's way too rich for everyday so I went for the 30ml!

I currently don't really have a favourite lip balm, but I've heard so many amazing things about this and it was also recommended in the 'Travel Essential' video, so of course I had to get it!

Caudalie Beauty Elixir | £10.95 30ml 
I've been kind of wanting to purchase this since 2012, but after so many people said that they love using this on the plane I gave in and bought it! I used it as soon as it arrived and I'm so impressed with it so far and I'll definitely do a review when I get back from Mexico! 

I feel like this was the smallest haul EVER, but I wanted to show you the items anyway! The next post will probably be scheduled as I'm off to stay in a hotel overnight on Sunday, before flying to Mexico the next day! I'll be testing all these items whilst I'm away and will review them all when I'm home! I also kind of want to a Travel Dairy type thing of my time away because I loove reading them, but I don't know if that will be up while I'm away or when I get back! 

I hope you all have a lovely Easter!
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Eyeko Eyelash Curlers with Instyle

Eyeko Eyelash Curlers Instyle Magazine
Eyeko Eyelash Curlers
Eyeko Eyelash Curlers
Eyeko Eyelash Curlers
Eyeko Eyelash Curlers
Eyeko Eyelash Curlers
Instyle Magazine | £3.90 

Today's post is going to be super quick, as I thought I'd give a little heads up to those who don't already know about the amazing free gift you receive with this months Instyle Magazine! In the May edition of the magazine you can pick up a free pair of the Eyeko Eyelash Curlers that are usually worth £12! I picked mine up from Sainsburys for £3.90, it's not actually a magazine I usually buy, but I think it's definitely worth buying for the free gift and they also have a couple of samples inside to try! I was really in need of some new eyelash curlers anyway, as the ones I have are some really old ones from ELF and I couldn't actually believe how great quality these are! They have velvet handles and feel a lot more expensive than they actually are and they also say you get a spare rubber pad in the box, but I actually didn't. Did anyone else? 

I hope you're all well and have had a lovely week!

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Primark Haul April 2014

Summer Primark Haul April 2014

I'll let you into a little secret, before I found the blogging world I HATED Primark! I was so obsessed with Topshop when I was in my young teens and I hate to say it, but I was a slight snob when it came to cheaper alternatives. I then became obsessed with SWalkerMakeup and Zoellas Primark Hauls and they changed my perception of Primark! 

When I first started this blog, Primark Hauls were a regular occurrence and they were always pretty popular, but this resulted in me having way TOO many clothes! 

Before every holiday, myself and my boyfriend Charlie always pop into Primark and pick up the holiday essentials! Last time we went away, we went to the massive Primark in Lakeside and I went crazy and bought way too much! It was my first time abroad and I over packed slightly (a lot) haha! This time I've been good, but I thought I'd show you the things I picked up anyway!

Summer Primark Haul April 2014 Makeup Bag

Large Cosmetics Bag | £5.00
First up is this large cosmetics bag, I bought one of these the last time I went on holiday and if you read my blog back then you'd probably of seen it! I love these because they literally fit so much inside and it fits nicely in the suitcase too!

Summer Primark Haul April 2014 Coral Sandals

Coral Sandals | £10.00
Next up are these gorgeous coral sandals, I first saw these on Instagram and fell in love! They come in this colour, a tan and a darker brown. I really wish I had got another pair now, but I'll probably just go back and get them!

Summer Primark Haul April 2014 Bambi Slippers

Bambi Slippers | £2.00
I don't actually like the Bambi film too much, but I'm obsessed with Deers so I really wanted to pick these up when Primark first stocked them, but they didn't sell them at my local Primark, so when I saw these on sale I had to get them! 

Summer Primark Haul April 2014 Eyelashes

Eyelashes | £1.00 each
Besides my MAC favourites, I'd say these are my favourite eyelashes and they're so affordable too, so I thought I'd restock my collection. I've never tried the glue though, I always use my trusty Duo from MAC!

Summer Primark Haul April 2014 Unicorn PJ Bottoms

Unicorn PJ Bottoms | £5.00
I always like to take at least one pair of PJ bottoms away with me on holiday, so I picked these up! I love them, they have unicorns on and they're pastel! I also love that they have a cuffed leg! 

Summer Primark Haul April 2014 Underwear
Summer Primark Haul April 2014 Underwear

Underwear Sets | £10.00 each
I really love the underwear sets from Primark! If you're in need of a lovely new set of underwear, or you simply want to treat yourself and don't really want to spend £30+ Primark is the perfect place! picked up three sets and they're all made from a lovely silky satin fabric, the only niggle I have is that the sizing with all Primark items can be a little off sometimes, but these all fit well enough!

Summer Primark Haul April 2014 High Waisted Bikini

High Waist Bikini Bottoms | £5.00
I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I'm really self conscious of my hips, so I kind of wanted to buy some high waisted bikini bottoms just in case! I've seen so many people find really nice floral prints or just simple plain black ones, but these are the only ones I could find in the Primark I was in, I'm not too in love with them, but they will do!

Summer Primark Haul April 2014 Floral Flip Flops

Floral Flip Flops | £1.00
I love Primark flip flops, they always have the cutest floral prints! I find they last around two years before needing a new pair, so I thought I'd get a new pair for Mexico! 

Summer Primark Haul April 2014 Summer PJ Set

Summer PJ Set | £5.00
Primark PJs are the cutest and I definitely wanted to get a new summer set for Mexico, so I picked this set up!

Summer Primark Haul April 2014 Cream Bag

Small Cream Bag | £4.00 
I always like to take away a small bag and after seeing this gorgeous little bag on Melaniees Primark Haul, I fell in love and just had to get it!

I hope you enjoyed this haul! Have you picked anything up from Primark recently? 
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Micellar Cleansing Waters | L'Oreal VS Garnier

Micellar Cleansing Waters | L'Oreal VS Garnier Review
Micellar Cleansing Waters | L'Oreal VS Garnier Review
Micellar Cleansing Waters | L'Oreal VS Garnier Review
Micellar Cleansing Waters | L'Oreal VS Garnier Review

Throw back to 2012 and Bioderma had taken the beauty world by storm, there was tons and tons of bloggers constantly raving about this magic cleanser and I really wanted to try it. As it was so hard to actually get in the UK at this point, I didn't actually try it in the end, but ever since I've always wanted to try a Micellar Cleanser.

When the recent 3 For 2 offer was on at Boots, I decided I would finally take the plunge and try a Micellar Cleanser! The ones I'd heard everyone raving about was the ones from L'Oreal and Garnier, but after reading some reviews, I was swaying more towards the Garnier one. My local Boots is really tiny and annoyingly the Garnier one was sold out, so I just picked up the L'Oreal one instead and thought I'd just get the Garnier one another time and I could compare the two!

L'Oreal Say: 
Used by make-up artists, this solution feels as gentle as water on your skin but acts like a make-up remover, toner and skin soother all in one. A high-performance hypo-allergenic cleanser for face eyes and lips, suitable for sensitive skin. Dissolves make-up, unclogs pores and removes impurities and tones and soothes the skin.

Garnier Say: 
A super efficient and gentle way to cleanse, remove makeup, soothe the feel of skin and hydrate in just one step – it’s not magic, it’s Garnier Micellar! Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water contains micelles which act like magnets, gently lifting away makeup and impurities from the skin, without the need to rub or rinse. The result? Beautifully cleansed and refreshed feeling skin in an instant. The formula is suitable for the face, eye area and lips, has no perfume and comes in a generous 400ml size.

I'm officially obsessed with Micellar Cleansers! They're not something I currently use everyday, as I like to use them as a pre-cleanse or just to remove my makeup and I've not been wearing makeup everyday recently. I was actually pretty amazed how easily they melt away makeup in seconds and I love how gentle they are on the skin, my Clean & Clear Cleanser can be a little to harsh on the skin sometimes, but these are perfect! 

Overall, I personally don't see too much difference between the two and if you have a quick look at the ingredients used in both cleansers, you'll see that they are practically the same! However, one thing I did notice was that both cleansers are the same price - £4.99 and with Garnier they give you 400ml in the bottle, but with L'Oreal you only get 200ml!

I'm going to take the L'Oreal one on holiday as it will be easier to travel with, but I think in future I will just repurchase the Garnier one!

Have you tried these? What are your thoughts?
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